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Herkimer County Mental Health Services   Herkimer, NY   Part-time     Nursing
Posted on January 19, 2023

Herkimer County Mental Health Services is seeking a Psychiatrist or a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner for the county outpatient mental health clinic located in Herkimer. The opening is for 2 days per week from 8am-4pm.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners are registered professional nurses with preparation in a specialized educational program who provides mental health care to adults and children in an outpatient or correctional setting. A licensed physician is designated as the physician of record. The Nurse Practitioner works under the supervision of the physician and in accordance with written protocol.

The work involves responsibility for providing mental health care, which consists of promotion of optimal mental health; prevention and treatment of psychiatric disorders; health maintenance; guidance and counseling of adults, children, and their families; and referral to other health care providers when appropriate. The Nurse Practitioner works in collaboration with a licensed physician or physicians. The Nurse Practitioner assesses the physical and psychological status of patients by means of interview, health history, physical examinations and diagnostic tests. Contingent upon the medical protocol established between the Nurse Practitioner performing the services and the physician of record, the Nurse Practitioner will evaluate test findings, make assessments, and initiate appropriate actions to facilitate the implementation of preventive and/or therapeutic plans consistent with the continuing mental health care needs of the patients. Does related work as required.


  • Provides outpatient mental health services to adults, children, teens and their families by scheduling and conducting diagnostic and therapeutic procedures;
  • Conducts mental health examinations according to accepted principles of psychiatric assessment including reviewing patient and family histories; preparing patient workups and summaries; recording normal and abnormal data and diagnosing;
  • Uses principles of scientific inquiry, quantitative and qualitative research methods and research ethics to formulate plans of care to address functional impairments associated with mental illness;
  • Provides direct patient care under indirect physician supervision by providing medication services including explaining the necessity, preparation, nature and anticipated effects of psychopharmacology to the patient and/or patient’s family; completing laboratory studies; performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and prescribing psychiatric medications as needed;
  • Monitors patient progress by carrying out patient care services, maintaining patient records; consulting with supervising physician when patient’s progress does not meet anticipated and/or predetermined criteria; consulting with therapists and other care providers and modifying the patient plan of care as needed;
  • Instructs, counsels and guides patients, their families and others toward the achievement of optimum mental health;
  • Participates as member of a multi-disciplinary team in the development of collaborative plans of care that address mental health symptoms and promote emotional and social well-being for patients presenting for treatment;
  • Collaborates with management and staff to improve patient care quality results by studying, evaluating and re-designing processes; implementing changes.

Herkimer County

Comprehensive knowledge of nursing principles and techniques and their relation to medical practice; thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of preventive and mental health care inclusive of those skills required to develop and implement a plan of mental health care to meet the needs of adults and children; thorough knowledge of normal and abnormal signs and symptoms relating to physical and emotional health; thorough knowledge of nurse practitioner skills; thorough knowledge of the routines, practices and policies of the agency assigned; skill in nursing practices and techniques; ability to understand and carry out technical oral and written instructions; ability to perform mental health examinations, assess the mental health condition of patients and provide an accurate comprehensive diagnosis; ability to recognize signs and symptoms associated with changes in the physical and emotional health of patients and ability to respond appropriately; ability to explain or interpret instructions of a technical and professional nature to patients, families or other personnel; ability to deal empathetically with problems of patients and their families; ability to work with all levels of personnel and to apply leadership skill.

Possession of a license and current registration from the New York State Education Department as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

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Herkimer County Mental Health Services is an equal opportunity employer.