Clinical Manager

Lummi Indian Business Council   Bellingham, WA   Full-time     Mental Health
Posted on July 15, 2022

JOB TITLE: Clinical Manager
Behavioral Health (BH)

OPEN: July 13, 2022 CLOSES: July 26, 2022
SALARY: (12) $38.16-42.74/hr. DOE DIVISION: BH
SHIFT: Flexible DEPARTMENT: Mental Health
LOCATION: Tribal Administration SUPERVISOR: Behavioral Health Director
DURATION: Regular Full-Time VACANCIES: 1
JOB SUMMARY: The Clinical Manager will coordinate and integrate the therapeutic services
provided by the mental health clinicians in the Behavioral Health Division. This position will work
collaboratively with the Behavioral Health Director, the Lummi Counseling Services Manager, and
their Clinical Supervisor. The Clinical Manager will provide clinical guidance and technical
support, updates on coding, documentation, supervision for licensed and associate licensed
clinicians, and administrative reporting as required. Responsibilities also include ensuring quality
improvements are implemented to meet community needs with services delivered.
ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following, and other related
duties as assigned.
Clinical Direction
1. Direct the development of a comprehensive strategy for the assessment, diagnosis, and
treatment interventions for Lummi Behavioral Health Division clients that is culturally
2. Identify comprehensive strategies that can integrate the domains of cultural history, family
systems, developmental disorders, neurological deficits, trauma and abuse, chemical
dependency, and mental health components.
3. Support the coordination of care with community resources, such as Lummi Children’s
Services, Lummi Counseling Services, Lummi parent educators, Lummi Nation School and
Early Learning Programs, Ferndale School District, Lummi Employment Training, and other
stakeholders in order to provide wrap-around services for children, youth, and adults.
4. Continually assess the electronic formats utilized in the electronic health records to ensure
therapists have the appropriate tools to complete and meet the programmatic demands and the
Washington State Code requirements.
5. Assist in the development of outcome-based assessments that lend themselves to empirically
based research reporting. Work collaboratively with the licensed psychologist to identify and
provide training of clinical staff in the use and scoring of evidenced based assessment tools
appropriate for various mental health conditions.

6. Collaborate and determine a schedule with the LTHC Medical Director regarding the integration
of a BH clinical team at the Tribal Clinic to provide holistic centered patient care in conjunction
with the doctors and nurses.
7. Assist the Behavioral Health Director in the development of MOA’s with Lummi program
partners and schools and services in the broader community.
8. Identify additional resources for clients not provided by Lummi Behavioral Health such as
inpatient treatment access, referrals for psychiatric evaluations, referrals for autism and fetal
alcohol assessments, and other specialized services as needed.
9. Develop monthly reports in order to review clinicians’ active caseloads, to monitor clinician
encounter rates, and to determine distribution of referrals. A database will be maintained on all
referrals coming to Lummi Behavioral Health. This information will be compiled quarterly and
provided to the Director of Behavioral Health for reporting to the Health and Human Services
and to the General Manager.
10. Support the coordination of billing for services between coders and clinicians to meet all WAC
and departmental documentation requirements.
11. Manage overall demands of a large clinical team to include, but not limited to, leave
requests/coverage, schedule changes, stress management, workplace atmosphere, and time
12. Actively manage and problem-solve Open Access and crisis walk-ins. Provide clinical support
to clients in crisis, triage with MH clinical staff, the LTHC medical team, and/or the Chemical
Dependency clinical staff as needed.
13. Assist the Behavioral Health Director in the development and preparation of departmental work
plans and yearly budgets.
Clinical Supervision:
1. Lead weekly Clinical meetings with the mental health clinicians to discuss administrative tasks
and process, clinical training needs, LIBC program updates and changes, and case reviews as
brought forward by the clinicians.
2. Lead monthly Clinical Lead meetings with the Director of BH and the Clinical Leads to discuss
departmental issues and outlook.
3. Ensure clinicians participate in required LIBC employee trainings.
4. Provide individual supervision monthly or more frequently as needed for each Clinical Lead in
order to provide consultation, determine individual training needs, and provide feedback on
clinical charting.
5. Keep a log of individual supervision for licensed mental health clinicians and trainees.
6. Coordinate continuing educational experiences that would enhance the skill development of
each therapist in order for the therapists to meet the service goals of the Lummi Behavioral
Health Division and all Washington State requirements for clinicians.
7. Collaborate and coordinate with the LTHC medical team and the mental health clinicians on the
delivery of psychotropic medications and the related medication management for the clients.
8. Participate in weekly management meetings with the Behavioral Health management team for
both the mental health and chemical dependency programs.
9. Collaborate with the schools and with Lummi program partners on the presentation of
prevention and intervention trainings for youth, adults, and the community.
10. Responsible for completing the Annual Performance Reviews for each Clinical Lead.
11. Maintain strict confidentiality in all work related areas; process all client information activities
in a confidential manner consistent with Lummi Nation’s policies.
 Masters degree in Psychology, Education, Counseling, Social Work, or Behavioral Science from
an accredited college or university.

 Experience working with children, youth and families
 Mental Health Provider Washington State Licensure.
 Completion of 15 hours of Supervision training that meets the WA State requirements to be a
supervisor. Must provide proof.
 1 year of experience in clinical supervision of mental health providers and the coordination of
complimentary billing and processing of client information.
 Must possess a valid Washington state driver’s license and meet eligible requirements for tribal
 Lummi/Native American/Veteran preference policy applies.
 Experience working with Native American children and their families.
 Proficiency in the assessment, testing, and diagnosis of mental health conditions in accordance
with the DSM 5.
 Knowledgeable of addictions treatment.
 Experience in the modalities of both naturalistic and quantitative research.
 Skill in communication, collaboration, and problem solving with colleagues, clients, and
partners in the community.
 Skill and ability to respond to crises and is able to coordinate the appropriate care.
 Knowledge of the Washington Administrative Codes pertaining to mental health administrative
and clinical documentation requirements.
 Ability to multitask in a fast paced environment.
 Ability to maintain strict confidentiality at all times.
 Must pass pre-employment and random drug and alcohol test to be eligible for and maintain
employment, as required by the LIBC Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Policy.
 This position is subject to extensive Criminal Background Check. This position requires regular
contact with or control over Indian children and is therefore subject to successful and extensive
criminal background check, CAMIS background check.
 Must have received HIPAA training in the last year.
 Must have documented HIV/AIDS training.
 Must have documented CPR certification within 30 days of hire.
 Must be accepting and respectful toward clients and staff.
 Must be flexible and able to work nights and weekends when necessary.
 Training on the impact of trauma upon individuals, families, and cultures and the associated
integration of treatment preferred.
 Experience working with Native American children, adults, and/or families preferred.
 Must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 including two (2) doses of a 2-dose series, or one (1) dose
of a 1-dose series, plus 14 days beyond the final dose prior to the start date.